Deepchandi bleu

Based on Raga Bhimpalasi, the song Deepchandi bleu blends a 14-beat rhythmic cycle with a pronounced blues influence.
“Calcutta Groove” is a fast 6 beat cycle of North Indian Folk with a melody of the “Bauls of Bengal” tradition and with it traveling back to Persia and beyond.
“3rd Ear” is an inspiration of the first meeting of the gourd-guitar of Jean-Marc Hébert and Uwe Neumann’s sitar that brought us to cherish moments of the ebb of the note and it’s conclusive silence.
Recorded live, these timeless compositions are delivered with a sweetness that betrays their complexity. (2014)


Jai Ma
Jai Ma is a light-footed dance in the spheres of musical fusion. Blending Indian Classical music with gypsy and folk, Jai Ma weaves clarinet, cello, and bansuri with sitar, guitar, and tablas… The freshness of its improvisation makes it a real gem for world music lovers. (2007)


The album Caravan takes the listener on a journey where India and the west meet.  The result of ten years of research, this album shines with musical virtuosity, notably from world famous Indian vocalist Ustad Raza Ali Khan.
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« Recorded in India, Germany and Canada, Neumann’s Caravan compositions start from trad Indian ragas. They’re simplified, injected with a noticeable Indonesian gamelan flavor and recalibrated to accept Western tonalities and, by extension, mild prog-rock elements. From here to India via Africa, Germany, Latin America and Bali is a roundabout route, but the arrival is a pleasant one. 8/10 » Rupert Bottenberg  Montreal MIRROR.

Jadur Madur

The Dreamtree Project is the Indian dub fusion project of ethno electronic artist Adham Shaikh and sitar virtuoso Uwe Neumann, featuring tablas by Shankar Das and Flutes by Marty Carter. This dynamic quartet weaves a magic carpet ride of Classical Indian raga afloat a dub cloud of swirling tabla, mystical flutes, spacey beats and booming basslines. Beyond notions of East meets West, Dreamtree conjures a fertile space for all who long to be seduced by the ritual power of music

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1. Waking in colors (Raga Ahir-Bhairav) 14:20

2. Entering Multan (Raga Multani) 23:05

3. Leap through the fire-ring (Raga Bhairavi)10:30

4. Dream talking back (Sansa) 9:08

Leap was recorded live at Yantra in Montréal Multan was recorded livse at Rabindra-Sadan in Calcutta Uwe Neumann: Sitar & Sansa Shankar Das: Tablas Debasish Das: Tabla on Multan Hélène Brunet: Tanpur

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Bearers of the Palanquin
1. Breathing Horizon

2. Mba Juboh

3. Stroll through the bush

4. Her Touch

5. Palki, Bearers of the Palanquin

6. Hoert ihr Leut’…

7. Dhonno Dhonno

8. Conversation Two

9. Winds of Change

10. Shanto Nilaya

11. Return of the Palki

All songs and lyrics composed by Uwe Neumann except Dhonno Dhonno, traditional Baul song. Uwe Neumann: Sansa, Guitar, Sitar, Vocal, Didjeridoo Debasish Das: Tabla Anando Gopal Das Baul: Vocal on 7, Percussion on 6 Monojit Dutta: Percussion on 3 and 8 Amyt Dutta: Guitar on 8 Tilman Uhl: Kalimba on 4 Tinkori Chakraborty: Dubki on 6 and 7 Nobokumar Das: Flute on 6 and 7

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Kooza "Cirque du Soleil"

Cirque du Soleil CD “Kooza” with Uwe Neumann’s sitar on three songs

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A rejuvenating sound massage for body, mind and spirit with acoustic instruments.The five elements are represented by corresponding instruments and themes, combined with nature recordings and sounds of the elements produced in the studio. In “Water” the sound of the sansa melts into the stream of the monochord and we imagine drifting down a warm rainy river. In “Fire” the sitar portrays Raga Malkoush, which is a very energetic and peaceful raga associated with a meditation of Lord Shiva. The exchanges of melodies between the bansuri and the sitar evoke the ever-flowing and ever-changing qualities of “Wind”. The transcendental sound of the sansa together with the singing-bowl and cymbals express the image of the soundless element “Ether”. With “Earth” come back down and get rooted through the sound of the Australian didjeridoo, the Buddhist mantra, the Amerindian framedrum and a Bengali folk theme elaborated on the sitar.

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Vinay Bhide

“Rang Bhari Raag Bhari”

Sitar on : Jai Jai Surnayak

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François Carrier and Uwe Neumann

This is the first (double) CD by François Carrier in Leo Records catalogue. “He is one of Québec’s (and Canada’s) essential musical voices, a saxophonist who has combined commitment and discipline with intuition and inspiration to gradually realize an arresting musical vision, one that is compounded of free-jazz traditions and a compellingly personal melodic invention. On Happening, Carrier combines both long-standing and fresh musical partnerships with free improvisation and contrasting tonal systems to reach levels of sometimes startling immediacy” (Stuart Broomer).

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D For Brother

1. Village X

2. Neelima

3. When Gorilla kissed the Sun

4. I’ll always be with you

5. Secret Marriage of the candles on a crystal chandelier

6. Umma through the woods of afternoon

7. Fracture

8. Smriti

9. Solo for Peace

10. Ju Ju Buror Chhelay

11. At a Distance

Monojit Dutta: Drums, Percussion, Voices. Amyt Dutta: Guitars, Midi Guitar. Jayanta Dasgupta: Fretless Bass. Uwe Neumann: Sitar.

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Shiva Rea : Jala


With 12 richly layered soundscapes, Jala is an energizing plunge into the universal flow. Features the talents of sitar virtuoso Uwe Neumann; multi-instrumentalist Benjy Wertheimer; Canadian Grammy nominee Adham Shaikh; Desert Dwellers; Niraj Chag; Daphne Tse with Matt Pszonak; and Burning-man favorite—Alcyone

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A Basket of Plums

Songs For The Practice of Mindfulness.

Collaboration. Inspired by the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. CD MMM 11334

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François Carrier and NoEMI

Flying away 16:24

View of the green Valley 20:24

Prana Wallah 10:52

Sansa for Two

Recorded live at the Jazz Festival of Quebec 1998

Francois Carrier: Alto Sax. Uwe Neumann: Sitar & Sansa. Pierre Côté: Doublebass. Christian Paré: Percussion. Francois Côté: Drum.