Specifications for sound system for Ragleela Quintet:

We are five musicians (Sitar + Voice, Guitar, Tabla + Percussion, Double bass and clarinet) and three of us are seated on a raised carpet in Indian style.

Our technical needs are as follows:

– a riser of 8ft x 4 ft, minimum 2 foot high (depending on stage already present) to guarantee visibility of our hands on the “floor” (for three musicians)

– 3 direct boxes for the guitar-pre amp and sitar (sitar amp can also be plugged direct line-out XLR) and double bass

– 1 microphone ( Sennheiser 421 or SM-57) for tablas

– 1 over-head mic for cymbals

– 1 microphones best clip-mic for percussion (tabla-tone)

– 1 microphone for voice

– 1 entry for (my) clip mic for dubki (hand drum)

– 1 entry for (my) clip mic for bass clarinet

– 1 microphone for clarinet

– 4 monitors (if available)

– 3 electric plugs on stage (110 V)

– 1 chair for the clarinet

– 4 mic stands total, of which two a mini-boom

– (we will bring the sitar amp, the guitar pre-amp clip-mic for double bass and a cloth to cover the stage)

Please mind that the riser of 4x8, 2 foot high is very important.

stage plot